Pra Luangpu Suk 1

Antique sculpture, Amulet Pim Zum Prapahmonton

Luangpu Suk Wat Pargkhlong Makharmtao, Chainat.

Pra Luangpu Suk 1

Phra Luangpu Suk

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AmuletsTH by Buddhaumporn

Pra Luangpu Suk 1

Phra Hu Yan is an amulets that have found in the dungeons of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, Lopburi. This amulets have smuggle since the year 1887, many amulets and amulets are found. The most popular amulets are Phra Ruang Yuen after cloth pattern and Phra Hu Yan. In the part of Phra Hu Yan. There are many mold such as double lotus mold, large mold, middle mold and small mold.

The big buddhist monks are the most popular. which in the past is call giant face mold because the face of the monk looks more fierce than other monks. The old amulet found have a black skin. The type known as crow’s feet rust. There are some explosion marks on the Buddha image. There are few that are perfect. The middle and small molds are also popular. But the salons are less expensive than the capital letters.

Later, in the year 1965, another Buddha image is excavat. But the amulet of the dungeon found this time. The surface of the amulet have white mercury stains almost the whole body. The condition of the Buddha image is more complete than the old amulet. and known as the new amulet because it is later excavat.

The two amulets are the same amulet in all respects. and have both large mold Medium and small mold as well. The price of playing in that days, the new amulet price is cheaper than the old amulet. But nowadays, it depends mainly on the perfection.

Pra Luangpu Suk 1 is very popular for invincible. The story that people in the old days know a lot about the village. Headman of Lopburi who make headlines in that days. That he is shot but couldn’t get shot. The story is that the village headman is shot by 3-4 criminals until he fell into a waterfall.