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Buddhaumporn 是收集各種泰國護身符的中心,其中包括全國各地的拜佛護身符,稀有護身符,神聖物品,戀物,古董和佛教宗教物品。我們一直在積極研究和尋求獲得真正的護身符和神聖物品。



為了向我們的客戶保證我們是誠實的而不是偏favor。因此,我們保證商店提供的所有產品。在  https://amuletsth.com/   和  https://www.facebook.com/buddhaumporn 上訪問並關注我們的產品 Similarly

About us Buddhaumporn



Buddhaumporn is the center for a collection of all types of Thai amulets. Including worship amulets, rare amulets, sacred items, fetish, antiques and Buddhist religious items from all places across the country. We have been vigorously researching and seeking to acquire genuine amulets and sacred items.

Above all, we are not limit to the source of our products. And we are not limit to those that come from one person or certain groups of believers. Therefore, we can be confident that all our products are obtained from places all over Thailand. Therefore, assuring that our products of supreme quality and variety. You can select and supply products according to your needs.

Above all, to assure our clients that we are honest and not use favoritism. Therefore we guarantee every product from our store. Visit and follow our products at https://amuletsth.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/buddhaumporn