Luangpor Parn photo

Luangpor Parn photo

The old photo of Luangpor Parn of Wat Baang-hia.

Luangpor Parn photo

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AmuletsTH by Buddhaumporn

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Wat Suwannaram formerly known as “Wat Thong”.It is locate in Bangkok Noi, Bangkok on the Thon Buri. It is an ancient temple. That has a history since the Ayutthaya period. It has restore continually especially during the reign of King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok to demolish. The original golden temple and re-established throughout the monastery . And gave him a new name “Wat Suwannaram”. But the villagers still call it “Wat Thong”.

In addition to the beauty and value of “Wall paintings” in the Ubosot, which is the work of the great painters in the reign of King Rama III, namely Kru Thong Yoo and Kru Khong Pee. “Wat Thong” is also well known in the circle of amulet collectors with “Phra Print” which is the inheritance of Luang Por Thap Inthachot, the 9th abbot of Wat Thong.

That is, “Phra Pidta Maha Ud” with excellent Buddha and Buddhist art. It can be call “popularly sought after together with Phra Pidta Luang Pu Iam of Wat Nang” and is also regard as one of the “Metal Benjaphakee” as well

Phra Pidta Maha Ud Luang Pho Thap Most of them are floating. The presiding Buddha sits cross-legged in meditation. the hand that closes the anus will reach into the inside. not through the shin Therefore, the action of crossing the diamond is clearly visible. or known as “Link the bottom inside” on the side of the Buddha image, no seams because he create by make a puppet with wax candles one by one and then use clay to assemble the exterior.

Then pour the molten metal through the bottom of the puppet. The hot metal will cause the candle to melt. and eject through the holes you have drill. leaving only the metal in the form of a Buddha image instead Determine. The number to be place on the amulet. You will choose a suitable character mean have the power of the Buddha. Pack into various parts of the Buddha image. leaving spaces for lights to fit perfectly and beautiful.