Pra Luangpor Ngern 1

Antique sculpture in gold alloy medal

Luangpor Ngern Pim Khita Wat Bang Khlan Buddhist era 2522

Pountag (broken gun model)

Luangpor Ngern Pim Khita

Pra Luangpor Ngern 1

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AmuletsTH by Buddhaumporn

The legend of Luang Por Sothon The legend does not say who creat it or when. know as told Let’s just say in a province in northern Thailand There are three monks, brothers. Learn the Dharma and Vinaya and transform into a Buddha image.

When he arrive at a certain area, he appear. The villagers around that area found it and brought them with a manila rope to pull it up. But he can not bring it up. Before the three amulets disappear. The area where they float upstream be call Sam Phra Thuan.The later distort and called Samphuan, Mueang Chachoengsao District, until today.

Later come up at Khlong Khung for the villagers around to see again. The villagers try to pull them ashore but are unsuccessful again. That place is call Bang Phra until today. But since then. The three Buddha images show their miracles in a small canal. Opposite the 2nd Engineer Battalion, Chachoengsao, that area is call Laem Loiyun. Khlong Song Phi Nong After that, it is silent.

until one of them floated to the Mae Klong River and appear in Samut Songkhram The fishermen gather together and enshrined them at Wat Ban Laem or Wat Phet Samut Worawihan. It is a sacred Buddha image that is rever by Samut Songkhram Buddhists known as Luang Pho Ban Laem. until today

Some legends say that there are five Buddha images. the other two are Luang Pho Rai Khing, Rai Khing Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, and Luang Pho (Thong) Khao Ta Khrao, Khao Ta Khrao Temple, Phetchaburi Province And some areas are say to Buddha images of six brothers, including Luang Pu Hin, Ang Sila Temple, Chonburi Province as well.

Pra Luangpor Ngern 1