Luang Por Derm 2

Luang Por Derm Wat Nongpoh

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Luang Por Derm

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Luang Por Derm 2

When he was ordained, he was ordained at Phatthasima, Wat Khao Kaew. Phayuha Khiri District Nakhon Sawan Province. On Sunday, the 13th day of the waxing moon, the 11th lunar month, the Year of the Dragon. Tosakot falls on October 31, 1880, with Luang Por Kaew of Wat Intharam (Wat Nai). He is preceptor Luang Por Ngern (Phra Kru Phayuhanusat), Phra Prang Temple, Tambon Tha Nam Aoi (Famous for pouring holy water).

After that he is preceptor with Luang Pho Tes, Sa Talay Temple, Sa Thale Sub-District, as a monk. And the monument Receiv the nickname “Buddhasaro” after ordination and then come to Wat Nong Pho.

Which Luang Por start to study for knowledge in a big way.However, the father use to tell me that “You have a habit of doing something that you must accomplish. Can’t think of anything, won’t stop thinking. Think about it until you understand it. I can’t see anything will not understand it. I have invented it until it’s broken.” During the first seven years of living in Wat Nong Pho. He study the Dharma and Discipline and recited the Vinaya scriptures.

In the first visit to Wat Nong Pho Phansa Study magic with, Mr. Pan Chuphan who is a scholar in Ban Nong Pho. After that, the Colonel pass away go to study with Luang Por Mi at Wat Ban Bon. Muang Hak Subdistrict, Phayuha Khiri District, Nakhon Sawan Province. stay at Ban Bon Temple for 2 years.

He has a habit of studying and researching. However for example, building a rocking cart. And in addition to researching in various inventions, some textbooks that pastor teachers have done before, Luang Pho also brought them to experiment, such as mineralization, which is to make lead ore into silver.

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