Pra Somdej 3

Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Pimyai(big mold)

Pra Somdej 3

Pra Somdej 3


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AmuletsTH by Buddhaumporn

The word “Benjapakee” can separat into “Benja” means 5 types, 5 groups or 5 kinds. And “pakee” means participation or join. The meaning in the case of Buddha amulets is taking all five types of one group are amulets to be joining in.

                The Buddha amulets from 5 typesset of Benjapakee is the grouping of . Or same type but different builders as well as amulets. In same type but from different Chedis(pagodas) where the amulets found. This process is accept and same understand internationally. The collector’s preference grouping of Benjapakee set is due to hang the amulets on necklace, for suitable elegance and holiness of each Buddha’s types.

                There are many types of Buddha amulets in Benjapakee set, such as Benjapakee set of clay amulets, set of coins, set of Blindfolded amulets, set of Pra Yodkhunpon amulets and set of micro Buddha amulets. The last of Buddha amulets group, there are 5 types of amulets join into Benjapakee set. This set is high preferation till nowadays, call Benjapakee Buddha amulet most preferation set.

The collectors’ concepts this set being due to the group of which the author about Buddha amulets use be a norm. The author in penname “Treeyumpawai” (Bhrachon Kittiprawat). A well known amulets collector in former period. Accompanied by other collectors manag the group of most preferation. Benjapakee set had Pra Rod, Pra Kampang Toongsedthii, Pra Narngpiar, Pra Pong Supan and Buddha amulets in Somdej family. However join together in the same set.

Amulets (泰国护身符 phra somdej pra somdej 3 wat rakang. 本傑帕基 thai buddha amulets 護身符 戀物癖 amulette amulets. holy jewelry holy objects ancient objects sacred items charme enchantment Пхра Сомдей. Blindfolded buddha amulets pra somdej. พระปิดตา พระเครื่อง พระบูชา วัตถุมงคล วัตถุโบราณ อัญมณี coin)