The history of Phra Somdej

Amulets of Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh Promrangsi

Phra Somdej

                    Pra Somdej is the youngest amulet in Benjapakee set. This amulet make from shell lime mix with holy powders (Buddha’s powders). It is only one type of Buddha amulet make by Buddhist monks. The obvious data evidence of the builder is Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh Promrangsi.

                  Similarly, the amulets found at Wat Baangkhunprom well known that he make. Not making for distribution as Pra Somdej Wat Rakang amulets. Anyway, the high rank priest as him join and take some of his holy powders, to mix in make amulets can make faith to people nationwide.

somdej toh For instance,

Phra Somdet, which is popular in this family, is separated from 3 temples.

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang
Wat Rakang Pimyai
  1. From wat Rakang kositaram, Bangkok. The amulet make from 4 molds. There are Pim Pra Brataan or Pim Yai (big mold), Pim Katebuatoom (lotus head mold), Pim Chedi (pagoda mold) and Pim Thansam (base insert mold).
  2. From Wat Mai-amataros Baangkhunprom, Bangkok. These amultes made from 9 molds, there are Pim Pra Brataan or Pim Yai, Pim Kate buatoom, Pim Chedi and Pim Thansam, Pim Sendai (yarn mold), Pim Sangkati (sacred cloth mold) without ear, Pim Sangkati with ears, Pim Thankhu (double base mold) and Pim Ok krut (Garuda chest mold).
  3. From Wat Chaiyoworaviharn (Chaiyoworaviharn temple), Angthong. There are several molds but only 7 molds in preferation. There are Pim jet chan (7 base mold), Pim hok chan (6 base mold), Pim hok chan ok tan (full chest) and Pim hok chan ok talod (groove chest). Pra Somdej Wat Chaiyo is familiar call “Pra Somdej Wat Kate Chaiyo” or Pra Somdej Wat Kate. This amulet was built in period of King Rama 4 around 1866. After that, he fill all amulets in Chedi Wat Chaiyoworaviharn (pagoda’s dungeon in Chaiyoworaviharn temple), Angthong. As the memorandum of Praya Tipkosa (Sorn Lohanan) mentioned that Somdej Buddhachan Toh Promrangsi make this amulet to devote merit for his mother named ‘”Kate” and his grandfather named “‘Chai”.
Wat Mai-amataros
Baangkhunprom Pimyai
Phra Somdej Wat Kate Chaiyo
Wat Kate Chaiyo Pimyai

                      In conclusion, Somdej Pra Buddhachan Toh make Pra Somdej Pim jet chan at Wat Rakang kositaram, Bangkok. After that, Then fill in pagoda at Wat Chaiyoworaviharn when he come to build a large Buddha image here. Subsequently, they are discovery in many temple dungeons.

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