The history of Pra Rod Mahawan

Pra Rod Mahawan, Lamphun

Phra Rod Lamphun

Pra Rod is the oldest amulet in Thailand, found at Wat Mahawan, Lamphun Province. It make from clay mix with Buddhism style between Tawarawadi and Si Wichai in the middle age of Haripunchai period (12th century). This amulet is classify to 5 molds, Pim yai (big molds), Pim Klang (middle molds), Pim Lek (small molds), Pim Tor (short molds) and Pim Touhn (shallow molds).

There are many memorandums about the make of Pra Rod mention that an ascetic name “Narata” or “Narod”. Narod ascetic is the maker in the reign queen Charmatewi (the first queen of Haripunchai kingdom). Pra Rod found in the first time in earlier period of king Rama 5th.

Phra Rod

But the memorandum of a senior monk name “Tha” the abbot of Wat Pra Kong luhsi in that time and from the monk’s master name ”Boontarm” of Wat Prathat Haripunchai mention that in 1892 Chedi (pagoda’s dungeon) of Wat Mahawan is dilapidat and some part collap.

In the reign of king Luang Hembhintupaichit, the Chedi is rebuilt so the amulets are found inside. Some of this amulets are refill back into the Chedi again.

In 1908, the base of Chedi Wat Mahawan is dilapidat and found amulets which are refill in 1892. All of this amulets are bring up. This amulets found in most quantity and recognize amulets from old Chedi which succeed till now.

Also newly make of Pra Rod amulets to replace the old period amulets in Chedi. Expect that make by Khruba (monk’s master) Krongkaew which different period from the amulets in first found.

discover again
Pra Rod

Untill in 1955, the amulets are found again by dig in the temple area and under the monk’s cubicle. This founds are recognize amulets from new lot which available nowadays.

Then in 1963, in renovation of the chapel is the last time of find Pra Rod amulets about 300 pieces. Since then the people often dig to find amulet in the temple area but rare. Present days, forbidden to dig.

Pra Rod make from bake clay which see in several colors. It due to different of temperature use to bake the amulets. Pra Rod is beautiful in Buddhism art, high value and good in ward-off harms.

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