Blindfolded amulets of Luang Por Kaew of Wat Krua-wan

Legend of Blindfolded amulets

Legend of Blindfolded amulets of Luang Por Kaew of  Wat Krua-wan(Krua-wan temple) Chonburi province, Thailand.

Blindfolded amulets.

blindfolded amulets
Blindfolded amulet with lead-tin alloys of Luang Por Kaew

In many old amulet books, there is a similar story about Luang Por Kaew of Wat Krua-wan, Luang Por Kaew created the famous Blindfolded amulets of Wat Krua-wan Chonburi Province. He is a disciple of Luang Pu Cheene of Wat Tha-lat-nuea in Phanom Sarakham District.

Nonetheless, Luang Por Kaew built Blindfolded amulets only few. Yet, he created a variety of molds and distributed them merely to the kith and kin who came to help the temple. Moreover, the process of creation varies depending on the occasion. There are many types of amulets that he has created including powdered amulets, herbal amulets, lead-tin alloys amulets and bronze amulets(but there are few bronze amulets). Each type can be divided into a big mold, a middle mold, a small mold.

The material used is Buddha’s powder, Ithage’s powder, and all the obsession herbs. lead to obsession are believe by Thai Buddhists that if in possession, there will be great mercy. Such as herbs include Homalomena lindenii (Rodigas) Ridl., Homalomena rubescens (Roxb.) Kunth., Amomum biflorum Jack., Chlorophytum comosum., Curcuma spp., Wood chicken cook, The flower of Amomum biflorum Jack. Here, Wood chicken cook are that the male chickens use to trick female chickens as food for mating. Other mass spectrometry such as salt marsh, tears of the cliff and lead-tin alloys.

The production process of Blindfolded amulets of Luang Por Kaew

For the method of creation, Luang Por Kaew used his hands to sculpt, later he made molds and press to the mold with finished Blindfolded amulet. We call it the Blindfolded back mold. He picked up the Blindfolded amulet and chanted them one by one, causing fingerprints on it. The color of some Blindfolded amulet is yellowish white powder but was coat with Lacquer from China that has a very red color. After it is settled, then cover with gold. As time passed, the Blindfolded amulets become completely dried, and cracks formed in lines.

The Lacquer from China penetrates the Blindfolded amulet. Resulting in a running line look like blood vessels. Some bodies are like spider webs. Texture color changes from white to yellow and then turns to gray. Some elements bring the powder to mix with lacquer from China and are pressed to the mold, dipped lacquer from China, and covered again with gold. As time passed, the texture was completely dried, and the color will turn to brown, which is called coconut shell texture. Sometimes, Luang Por Kaew, when no lacquer from China is available, used black Thai ‘s lacquer instead.

Legend tells of the sacred of the Blindfolded amulets (Luang Por Kaew of Wat Krua-wan)

The owner of the amulets will have the power to make female fall in love. There is a story that while molding the Blindfolded amulets, Buddha’s powders blown into a water jar. Then, the old widow washed her face and washed her eyes, by using the water from the jar. Led each other to Luang Por Kaew until he has to flee and escape isolate. Young men Secretly scrape the Buddha’s powders mixed with water for the girl to eat. Any girl have a drink obsess with the man who owns it until he has her as a wife. However, Luang Por Kaew cursed who do it and do not take responsibility, do it for fun, there will be woe to that person.

amulet of Luang Por Kaew
Blindfolded amulet with Buddha’s powders of Luang Bho Kaew

For this reason, it is difficult to find items in a good condition. Most of the items are damag. Some of the coat pieces were almost completely drop. Some of them are very wear by the rain and scrap to obtain the Buddha’s powder and put into drinks. Thus, from already a small number, it even becomes fewer.