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Bau coin, In many old amulet books, there is a similar story about Luang Por Kaew of Wat Krua-wan, Luang Por Kaew created the famous Blindfolded amulets of Wat Krua-wan Chonburi Province. He is a disciple of Luang Pu Cheene of Wat Tha-lat-nuea in Phanom Sarakham District.

Nonetheless, Luang Por Kaew built Blindfolded amulets only few. Yet, he created a variety of molds and distributed them merely to the kith and kin who came to help the temple. Moreover, the process of creation varies depending on the occasion. There are many types of amulets that he has created including powdered amulets, herbal amulets, lead-tin alloys amulets and bronze amulets(but there are few bronze amulets). Each type can divid into a big mold, a middle mold, a small mold.

For this reason, it is difficult to find items in a good condition. Most of the items are damag. Some of the coate pieces were almost completely drop. Some of them were very worn by the rain and scrap to obtain. The Buddha’s powder and put into drinks. Thus, from already a small number, therefore it even becomes fewer.